Trans Alejandra Salazar: the 106th killed trans person


We haven’t been counting trans victims for so long, but there are more and more of them. Alejandra Salazar (54), a trans woman from Balvanera (Argentina) has been missing for nearly a week. Authorities found Salazar killed and it’s horrible; she was strangled in her own apartment after herneighbours realised that it smells fetid fromSalazar’s apartment. Moreover, someone left a paper bag overSalazar’s head. As it turned out later, administrator of complex where trans woman lived hasn’t seen her for around seven days. According to the police, they found Salazar’s body near the bed where many sex toys have been scattered. They said Salazar was already dead around 9-10 days. LGBTcommunity is shocked; the demand justice for trans woman. La Rosa Naranja Civil Association, local queer activist group, mounted her death and Alejandra Salazar became the 106th killed trans person in 2020.


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