Ellen DeGeneres is on the mend after positive Coronavirus test


As it was turned out this Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres gets better after positive COVID-19 test; she shared a video on Twitter where she tells us about her current healthstate. Her show was stopped and paused till January (2021) last week. All her fans don’t need to worry now. The thing is that Ellen felt an excruciating pain before it; she couldn’t even sleep at night because of the excruciating back pain she had due to COVID-19. Ellen said us that if we will be tested positive for Coronavirus, we should be ready for such pain. She found it unfair that many people just don’t tell about their pain. According to the public health experts, back pain is common among positive tested people because it’s a common symptom of the virus. DeGeneres also added she follows COVID-19 guidelines of the Centre for Disease Controls and Prevention. We hope,Ellen gets better as soon as possible.



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