Max Parker and Kris Mochrie moved in together


Central Manchester meets a new couple; Max Parker and Kris Mochrie. Emmerdale brothers decided to move in together. According to the insider, his penthouse costs £8,000 per-month. They didn’t want to hide it and shared pictures of their apartment on Instagram showing Tom Ford sidetable and stunning window view. Moreover, this penthouse has everything a couple need and even more: a huge dining room, roof garden, gym and even private pool. As we know, Parker and Mochrie have been dated for a couple of months before moving. They explained that Manchester was the best option for them because Parkerfilms Emmerdale not far from this point and Mochrie does his consultancy work here. Mochrie has one more reason to be happy here; he was born in Liverpool and he can reach it easily. Moreover, this place is just perfect for starting a new phase of the relationship.


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