Boy Erased author’s mother regrets over his conversion therapy


Do you know what the biggest mistake of every mother is? Yes, it’s conversion therapy of her son. It was a mistake of Garrard Conley’s mother Martha. We know Garrard Conley as an author of Boy Erased (2016). It’s amemoiris based on the true story where Conley survived conversion therapy. The boy told his story when he was sent to a Christian conversion camp where his homosexuality has to be cured. This memoirthe source material forfilm released 2018 with the same name (author Joel Edgerton). MarthaConleyexplained that she and her husband decided to send Garrardto conversion therapy, but later she realised that it was the biggest mistake of her life. “I didn’t know about the scientific consensus. I didn’t understand that it’s impossible to change a child from gay to straight. If I only knew that people who experience conversion therapy do not survive it at all… It was the biggest mistake. I am so grateful now that my Garrard is alive,” Martha told.


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