Queer House Party set to tackle queer loneliness


DJ group from London Queer House Party decided to make LGBT people’s life happier; collective organises Christmas Day party to tackle loneliness and isolation common among queer community now. Almost 2 million people will spend Christmas evening alone because of the second wave of Coronavirus. Director of The Outside ProjectCarla Ecolais sad about it because Christmas is the best holiday ever, but for the majority it will be the worst this year. But Harry Gay,Wacha and Passer know how to solve this problem; Queer House Party throws gay party on Christmas Eve. Zoom discos were popular already during the first lockdown.Organisers understand how important it is stay in connection with people like you. There are many queer people who have been facing spending Christmas Day alone, but now they have an opportunity to enjoy incredibleperformers. Moreover, audio description, British Sign Language interpreters and even captions are available during this party.


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