Trans woman sues a beauty pageant for being cis-only


A trans woman is suing United States of America Pageants, which owns the Miss Oregon beauty pageant, over its rule that a contestant must not be transgender. Anita Green is the reigning 2019 Miss Earth Elite Oregon queen, a pageant owned by a different organization, but she had ambitions to fight for the Miss USA crown. Contestants must be crowned in their home state before going up against 50 other women for the United States of America Pageants title, so she applied to the Miss Oregon pageant and she was blocked because she was not a ‘natural-born female’ which she treated as her womanhood being invalidated. So, she filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Portland, argues United States of America Pageants unfairly discriminated against Green based on her gender identity, which is illegal under Oregon’s public accommodation law. It also states that although rules insist on contestants being “natural”, naturalness is too subjective criterion. Many contestants, for instance, have visible signs of plastic surgery performed on them and they are not blocked from the competition


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