Homophobic father hired assassin tobreak son’s fingers


75-year-old man from Turin (Italy) will spend two years in prison. The reason is that he decided to hire an assassin to make a horrible thing; he wanted assassin to break his son’s fingers. Do you know the reason of such hate? Yes, the reason is that his 43-year-old is gay. A father said to assassin that his son is a thug and that assassin should break his fingers. An assassin got for his job €2,500 in April this year. An assassin stalked his victim around 14 days but then he decided to change the rules because he understood this attack had no sense. Moreover, he even found it important to betray 75-year-old man and to tell about his plans to his son. Italian law enforcementcharged the father with aggravated assault and stalking. The thing is that it was actually not the first plot; 75-year-old man had already hiredassassins earlier this year to beat the partner of his son.


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