Lithuania could legalise same-sex unions in 2021


The only out lawmaker in LithuaniaTomas Vytautas Raskevičius suggested that same-sex couples can be permitted to enter civil unions next year. Raskevičius is from Freedom Party and presents pro-LGBT party. It was so good to hear that civil unions bill would go before the chamber in 2021 in March. It’s hard to believe that the country makes equal marriage legal and even in the Constitution marriage shall be concluded between a man and a woman, but according to Raskevičius, although some members won’t vote for it, but pro-LGBT party hopes to get some additional votes from the opposition. But he understands also that it’s impossible to introduce same-sex marriages because it requires additional amendment over the next years because it’s hard to achieve so easy in the Catholic country. It’s very difficult for LGBT community in Lithuania because their support in the country is among the lowest across other European states.


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