Conservative Christians see ‘gay cure therapy’ ban in Canada as a threat for their faith


David Cooke of the anti-abortion Campaign Life Coalition told Catholic LifeSiteNews that the ban of different harmful and ineffective practices aimed to ‘change’ people’s sexuality and gender identity as criminalizing faith in Jesus Christ. Jack Fonseca, of the same organization, said that media deliberately discredit ‘gay cure therapy’ in people’s eyes to gain public support for the ‘ban on Christianity’. In another interview, Andre Schutten of the pro-conversion therapy Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) told LifeSiteNews that a conversion therapy ban would mean that church-run schools would be shut down and Christian people would be forbidden to adopt children and branding all Christian organizations as hate groups. “This is already happening, but might become more aggressive. Once again, it’s the kids who suffer,” he concluded.


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