NV Fashionskicked out trans woman for making shoppers ‘uncomfortable’


Colton Stankowski, a transgender woman from Calgary (Canada), told clothing store for women NV Fashionskicked her out because she made other shoppers “uncomfortable”. Stankowski is not agree and decided to fight back. Trans woman told she just browsed clothes in NV Fashions, but later came a store employee and said she should leave the premises saying that it makes customers uncomfortable. Stankowski said she was already here, but she told she needs to shop for her partner and she was allowed to shop. But his time she told a staff she will shop for herself and staff turned on Colton. So she decided to left NV Fashions, but also to fight back. Stankowski posted her story on TikTok. She also told about store where she felt welcomed. Many trans people started to comment this post and to leave names of stores where they are welcomed.


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