UK’s first transgender parent thought trans women are ‘unlovable’


Hannah Graf (32), one of the first transgender parents in UK, told she was sure earlier that transgender women are unlovable. Hannah experienced first date only with her husbandJake Graf; she said she could never imagine any intimate relationship before meeting Jake. “It was a big problem for me to be intimate with someone,” Hannah explained. She grew up in such time when trans women were ridiculed in popular films. Hannah never though she can be a parent, but one day Jake told he wants kids with her, she agreed. When you meet someone special, your life changes. This is exactly what happened to Hannah. “I knew that all transgender people are unlovable und unhappy, but when I met Jake I understood I am worthy to be loved and happy,” Hannah explained. Now Hannah and Jake are happy; they have a daughter Millie and she is the focal point in their life.


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