Jannik Schümann comes out and introduces his boyfriend


The most important and the most unforgettable day for LGBT person is when he comes out. Such day experienced German actor Jannik Schümann. You could see him playing in Close to the Horizon, The Aftermath and Centre of My World. Schümann decided to break the silence and said to the world he is LGBT by sharing a sweet picture where his boyfriend Felix Kruck kisses him. His partner Kruck posted the same picture. It’s always risky for actors to come out because you never know people’s reaction. But this was exactly the case when star’s fans and fellow celebrities supported Schümann by sending to him outpouring of love. Among celebrities, who supported him, were Marco Kreuzpaintner (screenwriter and director), Jochen Schropp (actor) and even Rasmus Andresen (German MEP). Schümann’s fans one by one started to make posts writing that they are so happy for Jannik. Schümann didn’t expect such support. He thanked everyone who supports him.


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