Joe Exotic hastily withdraws pardon lawsuit against US Department of Justice


The withdrawal of Joe Exotic’s lawsuit against Department of Justice was successful; he found out that Trump was his pardon request. As we know, Tiger Kingstar faced 22 years in federal prison, and now he needs free card he hopes he gets from the president. His and his team’s attempts were not successful, that’s why his tactics was changed; Exotic’s team sued Justice Department for rejecting his pardon. It was complaint on six pages where Exotic accuses attorney of not forwarding on the formal request to Trump. But it was turned out later, that the pardon did indeed hit president’s desk, but Trump denied it. Last week, around 30 people were granted full Trump pardons, 3 received commutations. Joe hoped he could be one of them, because Trump said in April he would “look into” Exotic’s case. However, Exotic still hopes for pardon; more than three weeks to go until Trump leaves his office and he doesn’t know what he should do.


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