New Archbishop of York thinks the church should welcome LGBT


The new Archbishop of York, the second most senior position in the Church of England, is set to take over next year and he has admitted that the church’s record on diversity is definitely not the way it should be. Stephen Cottrell, currently the Bishop of Chelmsford, will succeed John Sentamu as the Archbishop of York in June 2020. In 2014, the first gay clergy to marry in the UK had his permission to operate revoked by Sentamu. He insisted that the church should include more clergy from the racial minority groups and sexuality also should not be a criterion for exclusion, as God’s house is not a place for any prejudice, including homophobia. “When I do hang up my mitre I hope the church will look different, it will look more diverse but our record isn’t good and, dare I say it, we bishops must take responsibility” he noted. Cottrell previously said that, as the church continues to be divided on the issue of same-sex marriages, it should at least allow same-sex couples to wed.


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