School official refuses to apologize for likening gender protections to cannibalism and bestiality


In autumn 2019 the school trustee Michael Del Grande voted against adding gender identity and gender expression to the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s code of conduct. He said that to his mind the inclusion of this factor would be hardly better than if it included pedophilia, bestiality, cannibalism and vampirism, and he still refuses to backtrack on such a claim, however bizarre it is. The man admitted that he ‘hyperbolized’, but he is still not sorry about what he said. He received dozens of complaints and was condemned by Ontario’s education minister, Stephen Lecce. Lecce confirmed the board’s own internal processes will continue, but he made clear that the government considers this behavior unacceptable regardless of the investigation results. Del Grande actually doubled down on his position, writing on Christian news outlet LifeSite that he won’t back down from “evil”. “I have been called a ‘hero’ by supporters,” he claimed. “I am not a hero. I am a faithful Catholic with an informed conscience standing up for Catholic education and Church teachings.”


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