Flight forced to land earlier because of the homophobic woman


Don’t drink on board! A plane was diverted because of the drunk and homophobic woman. It was Jet2 plane LS910 that flightedto Manchester from the Canary Islands. As it was turned out later, a passenger Gemma Campbell was on board; she had an argument with her partner. After that a woman got crazy; she started to call cabin crew attendants “faggots”. She had to leave her seat and was moved to a different one. But it didn’t help; she continued using abusive words. Pilot came to the conclusion, it’s dangerous and unsafe to fly to Manchester and LS910 was diverted and landed at Cork Airport. Campbell was arrested there. Cork District Court hearing was on Monday, 28 December; she violated Section 2A (1), Section 2A (4) of the Air Navigation and Transport Act 1973 as well as Section 2A (3) and Section 2A (4) of Air Navigation band Transport Act 1973.Campbell said she started drinking at hotel before flight and continued at the airport. Now a woman has to pay €1,500 for two offences.


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