German cabinet banned ‘gay cure therapy’


Germany could be the next country to ban gay cure therapy, after the cabinet allowed the bill introducing such a ban to move forward. The country’s health minister Jens Spahn, who is gay, said in a press conference that the legislation will now be introduced to the lower house, where it will be signed off by MPs. If they sign it, it will be the strictest ‘gay cure therapy’ ban in the whole world. The law does not only apply to professional practitioners, with a release making clear that parents or legal guardians who attempt to ‘cure’ their children could face punishment for gross violations of their duty of care. It will be applied not only to minors but also to adults if they are forced into such a ‘treatment’. Practitioners of conversion therapy could face a prison sentence of up to one year, while those who violate the ban on advertising could face fines of €30,000 (£25,500).


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