Gay party boat like the Titanic


PV Delice Party Cruise catamaranfrom Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco, Mexico) is on the scene. There were 60 people there when PV Delice Party Cruisesank to the depths of the ocean. It happened on the 31th of December. Yes, perfect end of this year. Someone has filmed the moment when waves engulfed the boat and shared it on social media. All the people there including crew were in a panic: they all tried to stay afloat bob along, the boat was keeled, and people scream hoping rescue boats near hear them. The thing is that Jalisco is one of the regions withstrongest restrictions; all public gathering are prohibited there.Witnesses told that PV Delice Party Cruisepassengers were not injured, fortunately. But the water was choppy and it was like the Titanic. As it was turned out later, it was private gay party; the entry cost $120 to $150. Go-go dancers and live DJ waited for people from boat that day. But all people were saved.


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