Malaysian authorities teach people to ‘reverse’ homosexuality


The authorities in Malaysia have released a three-minute-long video statement according to which human sexuality could be changed in case of regular training if the person has a proper guidance. The Malaysian Islamic Development Department, known as Jakim, released the video encouraging the Islamic community to “be patient” with LGBT+ Malaysians who are ‘yet to repent’. Malaysia has no legal protections from anti-LGBT discrimination and it still outlaws homosexuality punishing it with up to 20 years in prison. Jakim’s video told LGBT+ people to repent their homosexuality and fulfill their sexual desires through marriage and fasting, according to the Wellston Journal. The video got mixed feedbacks because on the one hand it had no hateful remarks towards LGBT people and urged not to hate them, but on the other hand it spread the common myth that sexuality is something that can and should be changed


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