Non-binary person creates festive safe space for young trans people


A Trans Winter Wonderland event for young transgender people in London was held on December 21st in London. Li Benedetti, a Black Brazilian non-binary person and LGBT+ activist based in London, set up Trans Winter Wonderland after encountering “awful Christmas stories” from other transgender people who were either disowned by their families or invited to the parties where they are misgendered and mocked, they don’t know which variant is worse. So, Benedetti started crowdfunding to organize the real Christmas – full of cheers, joy and love – for those who started forgetting what it is because of their hateful families. Є “This Christmas I am putting together a space where young (18-25) trans people can get together, have fun, eat good food and be there for each other. A space where we feel loved, accepted and safe, to tackle trans isolation during the Christmas season. The day will be composed of activities such as workshops and clothes swap,” they said. The crowdfunder has raised £900 – well over its £650 target. Young trans people, including but not limited to trans women, trans men, non-binary and agender folks took part in celebrations.


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