Pete Buttigieg is seriously creeped out that Trump dreams of him


Trump played down his possible impeachment at a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and admitted he would dream about rivalry with him. According to LGBTQ Nation, Trump also made fun of Buttigieg’s name saying: “This guy Buttigieg, Boot-edge-edge. Can you believe he’s doing well? He’s like the leading fundraiser. I dream about him! It’s true. No, Boot-edge-edge!” Responding to the president’s confession, Buttigieg said in a livestream for The Washington Post that these words from the President seriously bothered him. He says he does not know what is going on in these dreams and whether he wants to be a part of it. On Trump mocking his name and his candidacy, Buttigieg added: “I’m not that worried for it — I’m gay and I grew up in Indiana… That kind of schoolyard talk doesn’t bother me. I’ve also seen a lot worse incoming than a tweet full of typos.”


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