Two transwomen won election in India


It’s so good to see more and more trans woman in politics. Moreover, when it happens in such country as India. Devika Akka (46) and Sudha won local elections in their villages. LGBT community is proud of them because it’s a history-making moment. Legal form of local government in Indian villages isgram panchayat. On the 30th of December Devika Akka and Sudha were elected to it. Devika Akka won election inSaligrama panchayat and Sudha was elected for Kallahalli. The main goal of Devika is to serve people who believed in her and supported. “People in my village blessed me. That’s why I will work for them,”Devika said. She added she will help people with every issue they have. Akka doesn’t belong to any group or political party. Meanwhile, more than 600 voters supported Sudha in her panchayat Kalahalli. We’ll hope, both trans women will do their best for people.


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