Bad behaviour on social media leads to jail


Think about your future before you make a mistake. This is exactly what 22-years-old Nigel didn’t do. Nigel and his friends Chancler and Anthony decided to create face account in the world’s largest gay chat app Grindr. They have a goal to find out where their victim lives. Then a group came to victim’s house where he was violently beaten and insulted – a group was homophobic. Later Nigel admitted that they used Grindr with this goal. As it turned out later,homophobic group came to victim’s home, restrained him with tape, and assaulted him physically. Moreover, Nigel, Chancler and Anthony had a firearm when they entered victim’s house. Around a hour later, they stole some things from victim’s house and took victim’s motor vehicle with them. As a result, it led to the conviction on the federal level. Nigel got 15 years imprisonment.


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