Top 5 LGBT+ victories 2020


Yes, 2020 was really difficult year that brought queer people a lot of problems; homophobic-based deaths, loneliness, stupid laws, pandemic etc. But for sure, a lot of good things happened for LGBT community in 2020. Let’s recollect some of them.
1. Trump lost his elections and it’s probably the main victory of LGBT community this year. Ex-president was steadily chipping away at LGBT rights. ButBiden promises to fight for them.
2. Restrictions on blood donations from gay and bisexual men was finally lifted be the UK’s government.
3. Supreme Court Title VII: LGBT people have finally right to be protected from discrimination connected with their gender identity.
4. Layla Moran became the first pansexual MP in UK history.
5. Movement against conversion therapy became more popular than ever.
It’s not the whole list of achievements of this year, but we hope current year will be much better.


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