Unexpected engagement ring


This is a sweet story about gay couple Eric Vanderlee and Robbie Vargas-Cortes who are already five years together. Vanderlee works as a registered nursein the Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Centre (South Dakota). Vargas-Cortes works there as well. 23 December became unforgettable day for them both. It was the day when Vanderlee helped to vaccinate frontline healthcare workers. While Eric was about to administering the vaccine to Robbie, the last one had already a trick; when Robbierolled up his sleeve, his boyfriend found out that Robbie has tape on his arm. He was sure it’s a joke. But later he changed his mind; when Eric pulled off this tape, he revealed an engagement ring on the arm. He was literally shocked. Health centre workers started crying; it was so sweet. The answer was of course yes. After the engagement, vaccine was administrated. We wish Eric and Eric their love to be endless.


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