Graham Norton: “Trans people should be protected, not feared”


An IrishTV and radio presenterGraham Norton (57) said that trans people need to be protected, rather than feared. He understands that trans people are very vulnerable now. Moreover, he said that the behaviour of anti-trans Twitter users is horrible and Twitter became 24-hour pub brawl. Drag Race panellist said trans people need ‘extremist’ vanguard to get equality and progress. Unfortunately, it’s not about him. Norton was born and raised in County Cork (Ireland). Later he moved to London because he wanted to start new happy life. Radio presenter was glad to live in a new country with gay bars and clubs, where you can meet many gays. “.Many people in my home country go on marches and do petitions. I really need to pay tribute to people who stayed in Ireland and who tries to fight for the modern tolerant place it has become,” Norton said.


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