Trans woman’s children can be moved thousands miles away from her


According to Ontario court, Darcy (37) (trans woman from Canada) has to pay travel costs for her two kids to move with their mother to the USA. Darcydivorcedformer spouse more than 3 years ago. Since that time, they have a legal custody battle. Former spouse’s new partner works in Washington, that’s why they decided to move there. According to the judgment, Darcy’s kids can move some 4,000 kilometres away and stay with former spouse. Darcy is in shock, because her kids can be in a place she can’t go, especially in pandemic time. Moreover, USA is the country where she doesn’t feel safe. Darcy also worries about her kids’ future because they will definitely facetransphobia if raised there. David Broad, Superior Court justice, is sure, ruling court made is in the best interests of the children because they have to be with their mother.


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