Billy Porter’s church refused to bless him if he chooses to be gay


It’s so sad when your church doesn’t support you. Billy Porter told in his youth his church made him clear he if he will be gay he would never be blessed. Pose star revealed when he was 6 people had already fears about his masculinity. But thanks to his voice, fear went away. Later queer icon started dreaming about becoming male Whitney Houston, but his religious community didn’t approve it at all. Do you know the worst word young man can hear from his community? Porter’s church said him ones would never be blessed as long as he chooses to be gay. The problem is everybody knows it’s not a choice. It’s so horrible when people become targets of oppression. This is exactly what Porter felt, because he was Black, gay and Christian when he grew up inPittsburgh. Now porter is popular star and he refuses to let religious homophobes put him down.


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