Falklands veteran wins lawsuit to have his honors back


Joe Ousalice, 68, served as a radio operator in the Falklands War in 1982, as well as serving in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, during his 18-year career in the Royal Navy. But it all was ruined in 1993 when he was allegedly caught in one bed with another male militant, which he denies. But as he confirmed he was bisexual during the hearing, all his honors were cut off not to let hi ‘corrupt’ his fellow servicemen. According to Liberty, the MoD issued an apology, on which the man said that he was not the only one and similar situation happened to many militants who were judged not by their commitment to the safety of their country, but by the people they happen to fall in love with, which does not influence their serving competence anyhow. The MoD said it plans to introduce a policy to return the medals of other LGBT+ people who served in the military and had them taken away.


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