New Bernie Sanders aide has a history of hateful rhetoric


One of the members of the Bernie Sanders’ team has a history of remarks offending LGBT and Jewish people. Darius Gordon announced his appointment to the presidential hopeful’s campaign as deputy director of constituency organizing earlier this month. But a number of tweets buried deep in his social media were unearthed by The Washington Beacon, showing a barrage of barbed comments such as addressing young schoolboys with a homophobic F-word. In 2011, Gordon, from Washington DC, reportedly tweeted: “I got a black man’s body, white man’s power, Jew man money, and an Asian man life-span.” But as it was made viral, Gordon swiftly deleted all the controversial tweets. The campaigner also appears to have used several racist and misogynistic slurs. “F*** Asian people looking a like,” he wrote in 2012. “White women with blonde hair all look the same!” Another tweet read: “Got a sign on my d**k that say: ‘Dark b*****s only’.” “Now I like Jennifer Hudson, but it’s that other fat b**** I don’t like,” he tweeted in 2011. Mr. Gordon personally and Bernie Sanders campaign office are yet to comment.


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