Parler shut down by Amazon


Far-right forum Parler was shut down by Amazon because of the violence in the US Capitol siege.Apple and Goggle supported Amazon. Parler is known as a free-speech social media with 10 million users. Apple and Goggle were first to remove Parler last week, but later Amazon has pulled the plug as well. Why giants decided to shut down far-right forum? They found around 100 posts where violence was encouraged. According to Amazon, violent content increased on Parler and platform’s CEOdoesn’t ‘feel responsible for it. That’s why giant denied providing services because their customer is unable to control its own content. As we know, there has been a lot of racism, homophobia and transphobia on Parler for the past couple of years. But the main reason to block Parler happened on the 6th of January, when US Capitol was stormed. The next day app was removed from Google App, later Apple did the same.


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