Barbie has no girlfriend. Barbie is a LGBT ally


On this Monday many Barbie fans were confused as somebody wrote in Twitter that Barbie doll has a girlfriend. “OMG just learned Barbie has a girlfriend,” a LGBT user shared. This user also shared a picture where Barbie was sitting with another Barbie doll; they also have the same t-shirts“love wins”. AS a result, this Tweet was retweeted more than 15,000 times. All Barbie fans were happy to find out about her girlfriend. Unfortunately, their favourite doll never came out. Moreover, the second Barbie sitting near is not her girlfriend. VT article that was published three years ago misleadingly wrote that “Barbie finally has a girlfriend…” As it was tuned out later, this Barbie doll was created by Mattel with the intention to promotethe designer of these t-shirts who raised money for Trevor Project. T-shorts were released for Pride month.


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