Justin Trudeau proclaims ‘gay cure therapy’ ban as the main priority


The Prime Minister of Canada has confirmed once again that he is a massive supporter of the rainbow community. In a letter to the country’s justice secretary earlier this month Mr. Trudeau has counted the primary priorities of the brand new government for the upcoming year. It includes amending the Criminal Code to ban conversion therapy, and taking steps to definitively end the practice across all of Canada’s provinces and territories. Several Canadian provinces have restrictions on forms of conversion therapy but the country does not yet have an outright ban. Last year 70,0000 Canadians signed a petition calling for the government to outlaw it, but it was rejected by the federal government which argued that it was largely a provincial and territorial issue. Trudeau’s latest decision to push ahead with a ban on the practice in the whole country was warmly welcomed by the local LGBT activists. Justin Trudeau has also urged the justice secretary to develop options for legal remedies for victims of hate speech.


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