Luke Evans: “It is what it is”


It is always so sad when sweet couple brakes up. Unfortunately, Luke Evans and his boyfriend Rafael Olarra [luxury art hotel director]did the same. Yes, Evans confirmed it itself. As we know, their relations started on February 2020 when Evans shared video where he and Olarra have holiday in Hawaii. There were rumours since October that Evans and Olarra broke up. The reason of rumours was that Evansunfollowed his boyfriend. Moreover, Evans deleted all the pictures together. The Times interviewed Evens and he said he is dreaming currently of having kids, he doesn’t want to be an old father. An actor has also opened up about his first gay role in Nine Perfect Strangers. It was a pleasure for him to play a gay character after roles on stage. He also added that the most discussed topic now is equality in the industry. Evans is sure that producers can easily find the right person for the right role.


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