High school student from Indiana has a message for his bullies


Donning an LGBT+ Pride flag as a cape and a pair of his mother’s tights, Jake Steiner soared from study halls to the cafeteria, encouraging classmates to embrace people for their differences and told bullies that he would no longer react on them. But after that the bullying became ruder and he faced death threats from classmates. He said that every day was like an attack on him, he did not feel he belonged to the school. Teachers noticed it and tried to intervene, but it did not help at all. And in the end he decided he was done with it. “I had a realization of why am I even upset. I deal with it daily and I decided that I was over the hate. I am proud of who I am,” the boy said. Grabbing his mother’s leggings and a rainbow jacket, Steiner preened with rainbow eyeshadow, hot pink lip and strung a Pride flag around himself as a cape. Underneath the bars of color, he wore a T-shirt that read: ‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you can just shut up’. Of course, the bullies activated even more, flooding his social media with threats, but he found so many people who were ready to support him and to stand up to homophobia with him.


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