Latvia: Family is a union of a male and a female person


It’s really sad news for queer couple in Latvia; the government decided that family is a union only of a male and a female person. In such way,LGBT+ families were literally excluded. Such decision was made yesterday by Saeima, country’s parliament; 47 members voted for this constitutional amendment. According to the Section 110 of the country’s constitution, thecountry protects and supports marriage – a union between a man and a woman, a family based on marriage, blood relation or adoption, the rights of parents and a child, including the right to grow up in a family based on woman and man – mother and father. Last year constitutional court tried to support LGBT community; it demanded from state same-sex unions were legally recognized. However, Raivis Dzintars [leader of National Alliance] ensured court powers were violated. Latvian LGBT is upset. But community still believes situation can be changed in future.


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