Ugandan opposition leader says he is “insulted” by claims he is gay


Do you know why politicians are “insulted”? When people are sure they are secretly gays. This is what happened to Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine (38). Wine is old pop star who decided to become a politician and whose main goal is to unseat long-running Museveni who run since 1986. AS we know, homosexuality is criminalized and queer people are persecuted in the country. But people still spread rumours that Wine’s campaign was funded by homosexual groups.Wine doesn’t understand why people say it. “It’s not a secret for all people that I am married to a woman everybody knows.It’sreally a shame, it is disrespectful.It is so insulted for me to be involved in the sex talk especially before election,”opposition leader explained. He is sure these rumours are nothing more but diversion.


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