A man was murdered and dumped on railway track by his ex-lover


Unfortunately, love can be so dangerous and kills sometimes. Mohammed Siddique from India confessed he killed his ex-partner Mohammed Afroz (on owner of RMC Yard). Moreover, he acted not alone and he had two accomplices. This murder is so brutal; Siddique and his accomplicesMohammed Khaleel and Mubarak killed Afroz. But it was not enough for them; they dumpedAfroz’s body on a railway track and oncoming train sliced his body in half. As it turned out later, the reason of murder was that Afroz demanded sexual favours from one of trio and he also made abusive remarks about Siddique’s new girlfriend. According to investigators,Siddique and Afrozwere a couple earlier, and after breakup they were close. But after Afroz saw pictures of Siddique’s new girlfriend, he got mad. Siddique tried to avoid his ex, but Afroz called him often to abuse his new girlfriend. Murders are still in custody.


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