Catholic leader says that Christmas is not for gays


Bill Donohue, who has long fought against LGBT+ equality, penned a blog post complaining about the number of gay people who celebrate Christmas – raising objections to a RuPaul’s Drag Race Christmas tour and a Golden Girls screening. He noted that there were no Hanukah or Ramadan events focused on gay people. In fact, we have no doubt that there are some, but the thing is that there are much more Christians (at least those who were baptized as Christians, even though not all of them are still practicing) in the USA than Muslim or Jewish people, so Christmas events are just more promoted. In part he called San Francisco ‘the most homosexual-friendly city of the nation’ because there are numerous queer-themed events devoted to Christmas. But San Francisco is nopt the only city he is bothered about. “Seattle is home to Jingle All the Gay, a Christmas event that pledges to be a ‘thoroughly queer time.’ We’re convinced it is. In the heartland of America, Twin Cities Pride magazine is boasting of a Miss Richfield ‘queer-friendly holiday show.’ The publication notes that the holiday season is ‘already pretty queer.’ How’s that? ‘First you fist a turkey, Jesus has two dads, you dress the tree in drag—the list goes on.’ No doubt it does,” he concluded


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