Marco Lehmann comes out


One more coming out and one more in sport. This time it is about 3×3 basketball starMarco Lehmann (Switzerland). 27-years-old basketball player revealed he lived a double life while from the very beginning of his career and it was painful for him. Lehmann plays since 2012. Today basketball star is well-known on the international stage, but he still represents his county. Moreover, Lehmann is one of the best 3×3 basketball shooters in the world. He has recently made very important decision: he came out in FIBA article. He said he wanted to come in when he retires, but he can’t already wait for so long. “I am sure there are many people who are currently living a double life. I want to be an example that people can live their own life; I want future generations live free sporting life. People don’t have to hide,”Lehmann explained. As we know, he always said he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he focused on basketball, but now we finally know the truth.


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