Gay couple was kicked out of restaurant


Jamel Brown Jrand his husband Nelson Ayala decided to spend a cozy and unforgettable evening by ordering a food at the restaurant, but this evening became unforgettable in a bad way. It was La Isla Cuchifrito restaurant (Bronx, NY). When they came to the restaurant, homophobic employee wanted them to leave just because they embraced there. Fortunately for couple, there was footage there and all that was filmed. BrownJr and Ayala were shocked; they didn’t come to La Isla Cuchifrito to be judged there. As a result, the couple cancelled this order. Moreover, they found it important to demand their refund. Of course, they also decided to file a complaint with the police. La Isla Cuchifrito apologized. Moreover, they offered a couple a free meal. The employee who kicked out Nelson Ayala and Jamel Brown Jr was fired.


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