Gay TikTok stars explain fans how to define the difference between drag and trans


Coyle Twins, gay TikTok stars, explained the difference between drag and trans. Cooper and Luca just wanted their followers understand that there is a difference between these groups. Remember how CoyleTwins became stars? Twins are popular thanks their viral video when they came out as gay to their mother. Now they have almost 200,000 YouTube subscribers. Moreover, twins have together more than 3,5 followers on TikTok. What was the reason hat twins decided to school their fans on difference between trans and drag? It was one fan of twins who asked if they are transgender. “You want to tell we are trans? Here is the difference; Drag is an art form or a hobby that someone can do. Being trans is who someone is. The thing is that wetake this wig off at the end of the night, but for transgender it’s much more than fun.” explained Luca.


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