Surprise: woman finds out his husband is gay


Such women like Carolyn Hobdey from North Yorkshire deserve to be respected. She found out that her husband is gay and it’s after 15 years marriage. She didn’t get mad, she supported him. Hobdey told they got married in 2000. They were happy in this marriage at the beginning, but the time passed and she notice that there were lack of intimacy in the relationship. As a result, she found out her husband had an affair with a man.Carolyn felt really relieved after she found out that because they had problems in the relationship and it made sense. She was really sad because her husband had to hide it for so long. But later she felt anger because her family wasn’t complete anymore. It was really difficult for Hobdey to overcome it, but now they remained friends. Moreover, Carolynurged other women in such situation don’t let their anger destroy everything they had. She said you need just to accept it and maintain good relationship, because you loved this person.


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