Will Trump pardon Joe Exotic?


As we know, the clock is ticking for Donald Trump. It means that Joe Exotic has less time to hope for his pardon. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, Tiger King star and zoo-owner, was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment. The reason was a murder-for-fire plot kill with victim Carole Baskin. Moreover, zoo-owner was also convinced on 8 counts of violating the Lacey Act because he falsed wildlife records and on 9 counts of violation the Endangered Species Act. The Team of Exotic is absolutely sure that Joe receives Trump’s pardon. His team did everything they could; they made a tour bus with Exotic’s face, they also sued the government etc. And it’s for real the last chance for 52-years-old Tiger King star to receive pardon from President. Although Exotic’s name wasn’t in the list of people pardoned by Trump, he still hopes.


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