Government is ready to pay people for living next to WBC


The local government of Topeka, Kansas, is paying people to move there. This is where the Westboro Baptist Church is located and that is why people are not so enthusiastic about living there. The Westboro Baptist Church was the focus of Louis Theroux’s documentary The Most Hated Family in America, and became infamous for picketing military funerals with signs reading hateful homophobic messages. Desperately trying to boost the economy and population of a city that is widely known for its resident homophobes, a government program called “Choose Topeka” is now offering people $15,000 to buy a house in Topeka and stay there for at least a year. But people are not excited about it at all, writing that they are ready even to give their own money for not living there. There is one LGBT+ attraction in Topeka, however. Activist group Planting Peace opened the rainbow-themed Equality House in the city back in 2013, right opposite the Westboro Baptist Church.


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