Joe Biden is finally the official President. What does it mean for LGBT community?


Joe Biden becomes the 46st president of the USA and it is finally official. Yes, LGBT community had not the best time when Trump was president and now we’re hoping for the better future for us. New president has already made some promises. So what should be wait for?

1. Joe Biden promised to pass the Equality Act within the nest hundred days. Finally, gender identity discrimination will be prohibited.
2. Queer families will be finally protected. Same-se couples and their kids will have equal access to federal services and programs.
3. Trans and non-binary people will be supported in preparation for the workforce.
4. Joe Biden promised tostop anti-LGBT bullying in US schools.
5. Biden said he will do everything possible to solve the problem of LGBT+ homelessness.
6. Transgender service members will be allowed to serve openly.
7. HIV/AIDS epidemic will be ended within the next 5 years.
This is not the whole list of Biden’s promises, but if he will solve at least 5 of them, it will be great.


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