Joe Biden’s new secret ary allows embassies to fly Pride flags


New secretary of Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, made finally premises to queer community. Blinken is new leader of Biden-Harris administration’s Department of State. On Tuesday, he explained everything about changes he will make. The main goal is to show the community that their rights will be defended and country’s government will stand up for them. Although there is still no person who would be LGBT+ envoy, Blinken promised to find the best person for this position. He promised to find this person as soon as possible because there was the highest number of murders of transgender people during the last year. “Our department will solve this problem immediately,” Blinken added. Moreover, Blinken said he will repudiate the findings of Trump’s anti-LGBT “Commission on Unalienable Rights” as this commission undercuts human rights laws. And one more point: Blinken said he allows all country’s embassies to fly Pride flags.


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