Joe Exotic: “Too gay” to receive pardon from Trump


We reported yesterday, that Joe exotic hoped for Trump’s pardon in the last minutesof his presidency. Tiger King star and zoo-owner, was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment. The reason was a murder-for-fire plot kill with victim Carole Baskin. Moreover, zoo-owner was also convinced on 8 counts of violating the Lacey Actbecause he falsed wildlife records and on 9 counts of violation the Endangered Species Act. Joe exotic [real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage] as well as his team is absolutely sure that Joe receives Trump’s pardon. Yesterday, Donald Trump announced the list of pardons he gave; this list consisted of 70 names. Unfortunately for zoo-owner, his name wasn’t among them. Joe is very disappointed. He even shared Tweet where he said that it was so stupid to hope for this pardon. “I only mattered to Don Jr when he needed to make comment about me to boost his social media post,”he explained. Moreover, he is sure he is “too gay” to receive pardon from Trump.


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