LGBT folks of Cornwall disagree with its transphobic reputation


New data suggesting that Cornwall is the worst place to live in the UK if you are transgender, was radically opposed by those queer people who know for sure what it means to be LGBT in general and trans in part in that area, because it is their homeland. The chairman of Cornwall Pride, Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes said that low rates of support of the transgender and non-binary community in Cornwall are not motivated by hate but by unawareness. People would support transgender people more if they knew more about them, he ensures. Respondents to a survey by UnHerd were asked how much they agreed with the statement “it is acceptable for adolescent children to make their own decisions about their gender identity”. Up to 35% of Cornish respondents disagreed with the statement. Pixie Swarbrick, co-founder and chair of Safe Haven, an organization that supports trans people in Cornwall says that it is because of stigma and prejudice against transgender people from those who had never personally dealt with the members of this community. “I have spoken to people who don’t understand. You meet people who have never come across the issue and it is hard to get your head around it when you have never come across it. It’s just not in their life bubble. Unless you talk to people and have experienced it, people just automatically don’t like what they don’t understand,” Swarbrick noted.


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