Youth worker in Northern Ireland is accused of raping a trans teen


According to the Belfast Telegraph, the man from Londonderry has been accused of rape, sexual activity with a child by a person of trust, and meeting a child following sexual grooming in August 2019. It is known that the man had faced child molestation charges 16 years before, and the victim was his own son. And even though these charges were denied, the alleged rapist admitted ‘relationships’ with a 14-year-old transgender boy whom he was supposed to help. The High Court heard that the man met the teenager while he was working at a children’s home, and later allegedly arranged to meet him at a high street store before taking him back to his house where the alleged crime against the child was committed. The defendant requested temporary bail so he could spend time with his family over Christmas. The prosecution opposed the application for bail and said that the man has sexual urges he cannot (and does not even try to) control. The defendant was granted three days temporary release, on the condition that he would not be around anyone under the age of 16 and does not use the internet.


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